Countdown to Armageddon is a three-piece crust/post-punk group from Seattle, WA.

R: Guitar, vocals
Z: Drums
D: Bass, vocals

COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON is a 3-piece post-punk crust band from Seattle, Washington. Thick layers of reverb and chorus-effected darkwave riffs, sometimes reminiscent of early KILLING JOKE or AMEBIX, weave in and out of the lines between punk, hardcore, and d-beat crust. Lyrically, their songs address the conflict between the artificial and natural worlds, and the struggle to preserve humanity in an increasingly digitized and bleak dystopian future.

COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON formed in 2004 and played their first and several sequential gigs at Second Avenue Pizza, a legendary music venue and restaurant in Seattle that housed much of the DIY music scene for a few years. The group released their demo CDR in summer of 2004 and immediately embarked on a short West Coast tour. The group recorded their s/t 7” w/ Brandon Fitzsimons at the Audaretum, and released it in August of 2005 on Aborted Society Records, just before leaving for a full US tour in 2005.

After a brief hiatus, the group began writing new material and re-working old songs, playing their first show back at the Morgue in 2008. The group recorded the Turn into Shadows cassette in January 2010 with Black Breath guitarist Eric Wallace in his basement. In March of 2010 the group recorded the Eater of Worlds LP with Stan Wright at Buzz or Howl Studios in Portland, and mastered it through Chris Hanzsek at Hanzsek Audio. Eater of Worlds was released on Aborted Society in October 2010, right after which the group embarked on a West Coast U.S. tour with Frustration in October 2010.

In September of 2012 their second full-length album, Through the Wires, was released on vinyl through German punk label Skuld Releases, and on CD/CS through Aborted Society. The group recorded in March with Stan Wright at Buzz or Howl Studios, and mastered the material with Jack Control at Enormous Door in Austin, TX. Upon the release of Through the Wires, in September of 2012 COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON traveled to the East Coast US and toured Western Europe and Scandinavia.