RIP Kleister – Skuld Releases

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Our extreme condolences go out to the friends and family of Kleister from Skuld Releases in Germany. Kleister was one of the very few people that supported CTA and helped make our Through the Wires LP and subsequent European tours a reality, and we are forever in gratitude for the work and efforts he made on our behalf. The punk community has lost one of the most important people in its history as a subculture, and we are so thankful to be a part of his world, albeit for a short period in time.

Dav, Rob, and Zach // CTA

Live video of “Disconnection” from September to Dismember Fest

Many thanks to the talented crew at Susy Rec. for putting together this live video of our new song “Disconnection” from our set at September to Dismember fest in Padua, Italy!  It was the last show of our European tour and also one of the most fun shows we played!

CTA on ZarataZarautZ radio!

Our friend Juanma featured us on an online radio show this month from Basque country in Spain, check it out!

Here’s the playlist:

Infernoh–> Oriv Ut Giffet
Violators–> Toxic Death
No–> Come together
No Tolerance–> Empty words
Crazy Spirit–> Train
Porkeria–> Por la Patria
Nitad–> Rastlos Oca Vild
Mundo Muerto–> No soy como tu
Vitamin X–> About to Crack
Ilegal–> Frontera
Countdown To Armaggedon–> In the Unknown
Blank Pages–> Blind Faith
No More Art–> Evil Eyes
Terrible Feelings–> Next Round’s on you
Humedecidos–> Apologia del sufrimiento


CTA makes KISW’s Loud & Local Band of the Week!

Thanks to Jolene and the peeps at KISW 99.9 FM for naming us the Loud & Local Band of the Week!  Tune in on Sunday night at 11pm PST for the highlight!

Pitchline Zine review of our gig in Bilbao, Spain!

On our tour we had a last minute show thrown for us and two killer grind bands, KILL THE CLIENT (TX) and FEASTEM (Finland).  Both bands were fucking incredible and even though we were the odd band out (usually are), we had a blast and made many friends.  We can’t wait to return to the Basque country!  Thanks Pitchline!