Through the Wires cover Through the Wires LP/CD/CS (7:00)

Released: Sep 2012
Label: Vinyl-Skuld Releases (SKULD 089), CD/CS-Aborted Society Records (ABSOC 027)
Recorded by Stan Wright at Buzz or Howl Studios, OR
Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door Studios, TX
Vinyl: 1000 copies on black wax, CD: 500 copies on digipak, CS: 100 cassettes w/ blue shells
Status: Available –
Click here to purchase CD from Aborted Society ($8)

Click here to purchase CS from Aborted Society ($5)

Track Listing (CD/CS versions include Eater of Worlds tracks as bonus):

1. In the Unknown
2. A Waking Dream
3. Ex/Communication
4. Livestock
5. Through the Wires
6. Closed Circuits
7. Underneath Branches
8. The Portal

Eater of Worlds LP (9:00)

Released: Oct 2010
Aborted Society Records (ABSOC 018)
Recorded by Stan Wright at Buzz or Howl Studios, OR
Mastered by Chris Hanzsek at Hanzsek Audio, WA
500 copies on trans. red wax w/ mp3 download card
Status: Available – Click here to purchase from Aborted Society ($10)

Track Listing:

1. Hymnal 238
2. Eyes of Wayward Souls
3. Banda Aceh
4. Eater of Worlds
5. The Scourge
6. Turn into Shadows
7. Like Animals
8. Construiremos de Nuevo

COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON – Eater Of Worlds by AbortedSociety

COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON – Like Animals by AbortedSociety


Turn into Shadows Cassette (10:00)

Released: April 2010
Recorded by Eric Wallace
100 copies on grey shells w/ stapled booklet insert
Status: Sold out

Track Listing:

1. Uranium ad Infinitum
2. Absent Messiah
3. Like Animals
4. Turn into Shadows
5. The Blood of Patriots


self-titled 7″ (11:00)

Released: August 2005
Label: Aborted Society Records (ABSOC 008)
Recorded by Brandon Fitzsimmons at the Audaretum
Pressing: 300 on black vinyl
Status: SOLD OUT

Track Listing:

1. Homeland Insecurity
2. Banda Aceh
3. The Eyes of Wayward Souls