CTA makes A.V. Club’s Top 5 for December

Awesome mention in the A.V. Club this month:


Countdown To Armageddon, Through The Wires
One of the many great things about Killing Joke and Amebix is the way these two granddads of abrasive British filth have gotten more epic as the decades pass. Seattle’s Countdown To Armageddon reminds me of that same eroded, degraded angst. The trio’s latest full-length, Through The Wires, wraps spectral guitars around a terse, pulsing, post-punk rhythm section, then tops it with a crown of thorny blasphemy. Not to mention a bleakly melodic edge to offset its more scarifying, horrifying tendencies. Ethereal crust? Bring it the fuck on. – Jason Heller

Our CVLT Nation Mixtape!

For those of you whom may have missed it when it was posted back in January, here’s the link to the mixtape we curated for our friends at CVLT Nation! It was a fun little project and a good representation of the things that influence us.  Cheers! – CTA

Download link and Tracklist after the jump…

DOWNLOAD Sonic Cathedrals Vol. XXX Curated by Countdown To Armageddon HERE!

Sonic Cathedrals Vol. XXX Curated by Countdown To Armageddon TRACKLIST
1. New Model Army – No Rest
2. Chaos Z – Moderne Kruppel
3. Mission of Burma – Mica
4. Neurosis – The Web
5. The Mob – No Doves Fly Here
6. Jobbykrust – Absent
7. Discharge – Ain’t No Feeble Bastard
8. Killing Joke – Implant
9. Melvins – Honey Bucket
10. Nirvana – Curmudgeon
11. English Dogs – Five Days to Death
12. Helmet – Fbla II
13. Amebix – I.C.B.M.
14. Dead and Gone – TV Baby
15. The Birthday Party – Sonny’s Burning
16. Rites of Spring – For Want Of
17. Planes Mistaken for Stars – Leaning the Room
18. Joy Division – New Dawn Fades
19. The Stooges – Dirt
20. The Cure – A Forest